THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE JEWS, THE VATICAN AND PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS AS WELL AS PRESENT DAY AMERICA, EUROPE AND ISRAEL! WHO IS BEHIND DESTRUCTION OF EUROPE, AMERICA AND THE ATTACK OF CHRISTIANITY AND USE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!Since American and Europe Christians are not Catholic it is ok to cause your brother to stumble and even kill them! So says the harlot church drinking a cup overflowing with the blood of the saints!


Since American and Europe Christians are not Catholic it is ok to force sin and abortion upon them and cause your brother to stumble and even kill them! So says the harlot church drinking a cup overflowing with the blood of the saints!

I wanted to share some info with you. About history and a misunderstanding that the Jews have concerning Christians. Most Jews hate Christians because of the holocaust, blaming Christians for all of the persecution thru-out history.

What they have wrong is this: it was not the Christians! It was the Catholic Church and the Catholic people who call themselves Christian, but they are not.

Catholics do not pray to God! This is because the pope does not want anyone going over him so they continued with a new form of the old Roman god worship system or goddess worship that is found no where in scripture.

The Catholic Church has killed as many Christians as they have Jews. You see before the 1300’s and after about 300 ad the Vatican had destroyed all the original churches and killed all the original bishops of the true churches to gain control in the way they had control of the world with the Roman army before. 

After they took control of the church they outlawed scripture and prevented anyone from leaning that they have no authority for the control they have taken and prevent a relationship with God by anyone. People were to accept the pope as God on earth. This ensured that because no one could read the scripture they did not know the truth and could not contact God to find out.

In the 1300’s some priest and monks were the first to read and understand the truth. Martin Luther names the firs martyrs of the Christian Faith as: 

The Vatican used ignorance to control the world and anyone who learned the truth was killed. Until the 1500’s they were using the Jews to blame for their killing Jesus besides blaming them for everything they did.

When the bible was translated they started a killing spree of Christians to try and keep control. By the 1900’s they had racked up around 50 million Christians while claiming they are the Christian church. 

The inquision continues to this day but when Rome was invaded in 1860’s the discovered bodies that had just been tortured and several ovens in the Vatican used to cremate the bodies of those poor souls!   

But also by then they had lost Europe. The formed the Jesuits to destroy Europe and the Protestant faith. They then wanted to do away with kingdoms and set up governments because they could be manipulated. So here came WW1. Then they wanted to take total control again and joined with Germany to take all the land they lost during the reformation. 

You do not know this but the SS is a Jesuit organization. Also the way the German army and SS treated the Jews came directly from the writings of a priest which stated that a Jew must be treated as a slave to get an honest day’s work. They must be forced to wear a mark to show they are Jews. And last but worse is that a Jew can be shot and killed after one warning. That established the treatment during the war. 

They planned to use the war as cover to destroy all the Jews and the Protestants leaving only those who could be converted to Catholicism.

True Christians have been in the same boat as the Jews. Never treating any badly and loving as well as supporting the Jewish people because the word of G-d commands us to do so.

That is how you can tell a Christian from a member of the harlot church or Vatican. Even now if you do a search for this: Protestant persecution by Catholic Church in Mexico. You will find the Protestants are being locked up, having property taken and utilities shut off until the deny faith and become Catholic. 

Then you get an understanding of what is taking place on our southern border. The Jesuits are sworn to destroy Europe America and the Protestant faith. They infiltrated our government taking control. They continue to hate Israel and support the Muslims claiming the Jews have no claim on the land because they have replaced the Jews as the blessed people. 

Using Catholics to invade America to overwhelm our system and take control from the Protestant Christian people. Just two or three years ago before this current attack on America in which they are using all forms of sin to corrupt our society. The Pope made an effort to trick Christians into returning to as they said the mother church! Some pastors welcomed priest showing a video of the pope announcing the complaint of Luther was resolved and all should return.

Following that and before the pope released the left to using any trick and even killing us he tried to get us to return followed by an announcement to the world signifying that Americans are Heretics because we will not submit to the pope and the Vatican. The pope announced that there are no Christians outside of the catholic faith. 

This was to tell those working to overthrow America and Europe that he tried, we refused so it is ok to kill them in any manner because they are not human.

This is the same process as used in the dark ages during the Inquision. The popes army would surround a city. Ask all to renounce their faith and return to Catholic control. If they refused he released the army to attack and kill everyone. Those who survived were cleansed with torture then burnt. SOME LOVE!

What everyone has not noticed is the Vatican has signed a treaty with Russia so they now work together bringing a new world order and a new persecution of both Jews and true Christians. The Harlot on the back of the Red Communist beast the scripture warned us of! This is the same evil the saints have been tormented with and restrained for the last 1800 years. Well it is and was always Rome do for 2200 years or more.

They are experts of confusion and convincing everyone that it is those Jews or Christians or the Mason’s or Germans an so on when it is the Illuminati which is the original name of the Jesuits! Who are sworn to destroy Europe America and kill all Protestants.

Even tricking the Jewish people into thinking that it was the Christians in America who persecuted the Jews during the last two thousand years and not the Vatican. 

The God Given difference between us Christians and Jews is Jesus Christ or eternal life. The Jewish people carried the law thru history protecting it from the antichrist as they protected the blood line for the redeemer!

The Jews are the chosen people God chose to protect his law thru the many centuries will protecting a bloodline the continue to this day. It could not have been done without their commitment. It is something God placed inside them.

The Christians have the book of eternal life the New Testament. Scripture calls us the two witnesses, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we are the tree of eternal life. We have separate callings both important until the messiah comes and we become one people. 

We have two witnesses to uphold before the world and we need to be as strong and courageous as the Jews. We need now to stand together before the the world to show them the two trees the two books the two people as the world rises up against us in effort to destroy us both. 

I love my brothers the Jewish people and will stand with them and protect them until death. God knows what is in store and when the two become one. Scripture give a vision of the throne of G-d with a river flowing from it. On either side are two trees. On one side the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. On the other side the tree of eternal life. 

That is a picture of the earth now. The river is the ocean and sea. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the law in on the bank of the water on one side of the world, the tree of eternal life on the other shore with G-d’s Throne in the north. 

Looks just like planet earth!

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