Global images reveal the mass movement of people. It does not show much for low numbers of people. But in the invasion of America we are not talking of low numbers of people. We are talking of 100 MILLION WHO HAVE TRAVELED FROM POINTS IN SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA. 

The people converge at one point then head north. On a satellite image of America you can see the point of convergence and the route north to America. 

People from all over Central, South America and elsewhere in the world travel too Oaxaca, Mexico. From that point too North America you can see the effects of this migration on satellite. The earth is trampled destroying land, wrecking communities and destroying the lives of millions in America. 

On the image you see a funnel with the small opening set right at Oaxaca, Mexico. As people leave on foot they spread wider and wider, the tracks spread as wide as west and central part of North America. 

Look for yourself. You can clearly see the effects of the invasion. This effect does not take place with only 11 Million. No this effect takes upwards too 100 Million to trample the ground and stopping the growth of vegetation. 

You not only see the route traveled from Oaxaca as well as the short tracks leading too that point. The satellite also shows the migration of millions from entry points on Mexico’s Gulf Coast which leads to the main route north in central Mexico. 

The effects of the migration is frightening when you consider the numbers required to cause this record on the earths surface. But more frightening is the numbers arriving and where they could be from arriving on the coast. 

In Germany a report of a thousands of missing Muslims all men and of fighting age. The number was very close to the number of Islamic fighters that was trained by the CIA. But then only sending about Dixon into Syria, while the rest went missing. 

The reason I bring this up is because of reports of Islamic camps south of our border where Muslims are massing. Also this report which is part of the New World Order plan to force America to accept their authority and do away with freedom.


There was a discussion of terrorism. Terrorism would be used widely in Europe and in other parts of the world. Terrorism at that time was thought would not be necessary in the United States. It could become necessary in the United States if the United States did not move rapidly enough into accepting the system. But at least in the foreseeable future it was not planned. And very benignly on their part. Maybe terrorism would not be required here, but the implication being that it would be indeed used if it was necessary. Along with this came a bit of a scolding that Americans had had it too good anyway and just a little bit of terrorism would help convince Americans that the world is indeed a dangerous place, or can be if we don’t relinquish control to the proper authorities.

A couple years ago a well known pastor had a prophetic dream concerning this. It is known as the Border War Dream.

The Dream

On the night of September 17, I had a prophetic dream. It was about a “gate of hell” that has been opened into the United States. “Gates of hell” are the doors that hell uses to gain access. We have one of the biggest of these open into our country right now—our Southern border.

This does not mean that everyone illegally crossing our borders is a terrorist or has evil intent. It is likely that just a small fraction want to do us harm, but this is enough to wreak havoc on the entire country and soon. In the dream, I was shown the unimaginable consequences we will suffer if our borders are not secured very soon.

The dream began with a gang that crossed our border to attack a ranch in Texas. They herded together everyone on the ranch, about twenty in all, including family and workers. There were several children. Then with diabolical cruelty, they raped and tortured them. Then they killed them all in the most cruel, diabolical way imaginable. What they did to the children was the worst of all. Then they left with great excitement and celebration to attack another ranch. This was done in broad daylight. They did not seem at all concerned that they might be caught.

Then it was as if I was high over the land. I saw waves of gangs. Some appeared to be military units, sweeping across the southwestern United States. It was like a great plague as they were pillaging, plundering, raping, and murdering. It was an invasion that threatened more Americans than any previous war in our history. I was surprised I did not see any U.S. military response to this invasion.

Even though the invaders were pouring into every Southwestern state, there was a special focus on Texas. They seemed to have a special hatred of Texas and Texans. After Texans, it seemed their rage was directed toward Hispanics. This was hard to understand since most of the invaders were Hispanics, but this is what I saw. We know that the insanity that came upon Rwanda turned Rwandans against Rwandans for even slightly perceived differences. In this kind of evil rage, reason can be very twisted. What I witnessed was a raging and insane brutality like the earth may have never faced before.

ISIS and other terrorist groups were part of this horde, but this was not an ISIS led operation. In fact, the Islamic terrorists who were involved were shocked themselves by the level of diabolical evil they witnessed in these gangs. I knew that what I was seeing was the evil spirit of modern terrorism mixed with ancient spirits of a deep and powerful witchcraft from some of the South and Central American countries. The main evil spirit that was driving this was ancient, possibly rooted in old civilizations like the Mayans. When this mixed with the evil of terrorism, it became a concoction of evil like the world has never seen.

As this onslaught unfolded in the Southwest, I then saw an outrage sweep across America. This rage was not directed at the invaders as much as it was directed at our federal government because it had failed to protect us. This outrage grew to the point of being nearly as diabolical as what I had seen in the invasion across our border. Many Americans wanted to do to our government leaders what was being done to Americans in the border states. Every foolish action or policy our federal government had in regard to border security, such as the Fast and Furious program, was being brought up again to accuse our government. The rage grew with each one recited. I then saw federal employees fleeing some states as if they were fleeing for their lives. There was a seeming universal rejection of the federal government’s authority by the states.

Then militia groups began popping up like mushrooms in a forest all across America. These were not racist or extremist militias, but rather ordinary citizens who were resolved to protect their families and neighbors. However, because of the rage in America, I felt these groups were vulnerable to being co-opted by extremist groups. Even so, in prophetic dreams and visions sometimes you just know things that you do not see. I knew that these militia groups would eventually stop the gangs that had come across our borders. This was because of the help they received from many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who knew how to fight this type of warfare.

At this time, county sheriffs became like the glue that held America together and kept it from a meltdown into anarchy. They took a leading role in security and defense against the attacks—not just those coming across the Southwestern border, but those that seemed to be happening all over the nation.

I woke up with a most startling supernatural manifestation in my room that I still do not understand. I know it is significant, and I will share it when I am given understanding.

The thing that is worrisome is that they do not want America to recover. All their preparations will manifest themselves before we have a chance to do so. They do not want us to have a legal president who is for the construction and against what they have been able to do to us over the last twenty years. America needs to be alert and unbending in our faith and principles. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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